Our Approach

Our Approach

Chris and Julie Becker, are truly entrepreneurs, besides being owner/managers of The Center, they own and manage two diverse businesses Trademark Graphics and Cookinpellets.com. Not to mention balancing a family, friends and various community activities they are passionate about.


Their vision is simple.  The Center is here to serve the same hard working people who began all the businesses born of this location.  Offer space that can be used by those with the same outlook and do better for themselves and their families.


Our Story

Meet the Team

Chris has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years.
Julie and he joined forces 17 years ago.

Currently The Center is the new Ground Zero for them and their businesses and to help growing and established companies with their Office, Industrial or warehouse needs!


Chris & Julie





Ed Phelps has seen it all.  Ed has been at the complex for 30 years, trained by guys that survived the depression, fought in World Wars, discovered new products.  Ed continues to serve the people at The Center as our Facility Operations Manager .


We see an opportunity in The Center and its People.

Next Steps...

Drop us a note and let us know what you may need.